Biking the Divide

Day 0 -

For the next 65 days (approximately), myself (Brett DeWoody) and two good friends (Jeff Wittich and Kelly McGroddy) will be bicycling the 2,711 miles from Banff, Alberta to Mexico along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Without sounding too metaphorical, you could say we’re each at a bit of a “divide” – Kelly recently completed her PhD in Materials Engineering from UCSB and will be joining a start-up in San Jose, Jeff is leaving his job at Intel….and promptly re-enlisting with them when our trip is over, and I’m recovering from life at an internet starutup.

On the night before departing on our two-month trip we feel like kids on Xmas eve. We ate an enormous dinner of nachos, bison burgers and Canada’s own Kokanee beer while watching the Olympics from a north-of-the-border perspective. Our bags are (mostly) packed and, at least we think, we’re ready to go. Over the course of the trip our goal is to post a blog entry each day, though the site might only be updated every few days. So bookmark //, subscribe to our RSS Feed, or even follow our updates via my Twitter feed.

Alright, we’re out!