Take Us To Your Leader

Day 62 -

We left Pie Town and the comfort of the Toaster House this morning, unfortunately too early to stop for breakfast and pie in town. Confronted again with a moderate to strong headwind, we crossed the divide three times, although only the last crossing was noticeable. After this last crossing, we slipped below 8000 feet, where we will remain for the rest of the trip.

We had hoped for a mid-day break and some cold drinks at a convenience store marked on the map, but arrived at the junction of Highway 12 to find nothing. We’re not quite sure where the info on the map came from as we were informed by a local that nothing had ever been at this particular corner.

We continued across the flat grasslands of the Plains of San Agustin, which some people believe were visited by a UFO at the same time as the Roswell sighting. Our route took us very close to the VLA (Very Large Array), the largest radio telescope array in the world, although it was not visible from the trail.

Just before dark, we entered the Gila National Forest and camped for the night, on the lookout for interplanetary visitors.