House for Sale

Day 44 -

We said goodbye to Josh and Christine before heading over to Amazing Grace Natural Foods for our healthiest breakfast of the trip.  We then had a leisurely ride up the railway-grade Boreas Pass with stunning Aspen views.  The road was once the route for the Denver, South Park and Pacific narrow gauge railroad, which traveled from Denver to Leadville during the mining boom.  We have begun to appreciate the limitations of early railroads in that their grades are limited to around 3%, making for easy climbs and long, fast descents.

After a quick stop in the Como Mercantile, we were completely disappointed by our planned stop in Hartsel.  There were no hotels or campsites within ten miles despite it being the recommended stopping place on the route.  Even the Sheriff’s Office and Jail appeared to be closed.  There were, however, miles and miles of streets laid out in a grid by an overzealous developer for future subdivisions.  We picked out a nice looking lot south of town in a new neighborhood, laid out our sleeping bags, and called it a night.

For those of you willing to relocate to Central Colorado, here is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor:

This house features an open floorplan, skylight, and is a real handyman’s dream.