Mountain Margaritas

Day 48 -

We woke up refreshed from our night in the teepee and headed over to breakfast. Over our morning coffee, we overheard the locals discussing a killing/robbery spree that had just occurred in one of the canyons nearby. When we told the waitress where we were heading she casually informed us that that was the same canyon the killings had occurred. A bit concerned, we had no choice but to set out and hope this killer had no interest in stealing our unwashed bike shorts.

We rolled along most of the day until afternoon when the winds picked up and the rain started falling. We set up our tarp by some rocks to have lunch and wait for the winds to die down. After a long lunch, the winds subsided and we finally dragged ourselves out from under the tarp and continued on. We summited Cochetopa Pass in the late afternoon and decided to continue on to the next canyon to get out of the killers range. We flew downhill and into the Rio Grande National Forest where we set up camp. We built a fire and enjoyed various warm canned creations and, best of all, mountain margaritas! The mountain margaritas are probably the best creation of the trip. Simply mix an individual packet of Crystal Light Lemonade with some water and tequila – the perfect backpacking drink!