Hanging Out

Day 41 -

We spent a relaxing day in Dillon, CO just catching up on things, buying groceries, doing some laundry, and replacing our Extrawheel trailers (both Brett and Jeff had Extrawheel send out some new frames as a warranty replacement).

In a surprise development, Jeff had a voicemail waiting for him on Kelly’s phone. It turns out a construction worker in Wyoming found his cell phone on the side of the road. He was able to take it to a Verizon store and trace Jeff back to a prior address in Santa Barbara, where a friends’ parents currently live.  From there, the connection was made to Kelly. While Jeff will still be phone-less for the rest of the trip, he will have it waiting for him back in Phoenix. Actually, being phone-less for the majority of the ride may have actually been a blessing in disguise. Without the ability to check email, news, scores all the time, the focus is much more on the biking, the amazing scenery and the overall experience of traversing the Continental Divide. Its much easier to not worry about the everyday things occuring back in the real world when there is no way to find out about them. Brett, unfortunately, has not cut his electronic umbilical cord.