You’ve Been Bearded

Day 52 -

We set out this morning around the border of Cruces Basin Wilderness of Carson National Forest. After a steep climb up loose rock that was deemed “unrideable” on the map (but which was, in fact, rideable with considerable effort), we looked out across the vast wilderness.  The rest of the day was much of the same.  Unfortunately, the lack of civilazation was accompanied by a lack of water.  After many thirsty miles, we arrived at Hopewell Lake.  There, we filtered water from the somewhat murky lake (the piped water had been turned off for the season just the day before) and camped for the night.

Some of you may have noticed that Brett and Jeff have been biking sans razor.  Despite the fact that they are gradually morphing into the Shoe Bomber or possibly Cat Stevens, it does have the added benefits of warmth and food storage.  No amount of beard jokes will deter them from their ultimate goal: