Resting Up

Day 10 -

The forecast called for heavy rain all day and with a long climb on dirt roads ahead, we decided to wait out the storm. Fueled by our hunter-gatherer skills, we rested up in Big Fork. Looking for ways to keep ourselves busy in this small lake town, we first employed our hunting skills. Armed with plastic bows and arrows from town, we went after all variety of game – from bronze animals to members of our own party. We then gathered all variety of huckleberry products – jam, gummie candy, soap, lip balm, chocolates, soda, ice cream, moisturizer, and beer, among others. Afterwards retreated to the Garden Bar again for the rest of the day. Although tempted, we resisted ordering the frozen pizza from the menu, described as “just like you make at home”. We don’t doubt it.

Local News

We also spent part of the day perusing the local newspaper and thought we’d leave you with some items from the law enforecement roundup:

“A man carrying a rifle and a big knife was spotted walking down North Ferndale Drive. He reportedly was looking for a welder to repair his gun.

A person passing the parking lot of a box store on U.S. 2 in Evergreen called deputies after observing a man and woman in the back seat of a green minivan who looked as if they were about to do something inappropriate. The car was gone when deputies arrived.

Youths accused of throwing rocks in a dangerous manner on Lake Blaine were actually tossing crab apples.

A Gordon Avenue woman reported a prowler on her porch, but it tuned out to be a friend of her son.”

Sounds like the police have their work cut out for them.