Bike Repair Day

Day 17 -

At the bike shop yesterday, Kelly bounded ahead in the competition for most bike maintenance with a “****ed up” rear shock, in the words of the the bike mechanic. Luckily, the Great Divide Cyclery shop in Helena really came through for us and got a warranty replacement shock from Specialized shipped overnight and fit the repair into their busy schedule. Thanks, Steve! This gave us the day to hang out and explore Helena, catch up on our blog posts and take a little recovery time…

We spent most of the morning “using up all of the internet” at the hotel to upload videos, photos etc. We’d logged into the admin account on the computer in the hotel lobby and proceeded to upload all of our videos and photos. We could hear the staff at the front desk pondering why the internet was so slow and what could possibly be wrong. After finishing our blogs we left to explore Helena while everything continued to upload.

One thing we noticed about Helena is that there only appeared to be a few people in the town who continue to show up in every place we went. The woman working at the bike shop the day before was working at the outdoor store today and somehow also at the bike shop when we picked up our bikes. At dinner the drummer in the live band was the same guy who was playing his zenphone (a guitar hero type drum machine that is too strange to accurately describe in words) in a differrent band at the bar the previous night. The bike mechanics turned up at the bar we went to for happy hour…all of the same people everywhere!

We fueled up on a great dinner at On Broadway and Brett enjoyed his unlimited Shirley Temples (like our waiter you may ask “REALLY?”, but yes, Brett did get on a bit of a Shirley Temple kick). The food was good, the booth/wooden enclosure was wierd, and our robot-like waitress was inexplicably even wierder.