During the fall of 2008, we (Brett DeWoody, Kelly McGroddy and Jeff Wittich) biked from Banff, Alberta to the Mexico bordertown of Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Our route followed the Continental Divide through parts of Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico along the 2,711-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Special Thanks

  • Pacific Outdoor Equipment – for outfitting us with crucial gear for the trip – including several of their luxurious Cruiser Mountain sleeping pads, Dry Sacks for use in our trailers, and a lightweight WXtex tarp. Using only the highest quality materials and radio frequency welding their gear is built for trip like the Great Divide Route. Look for reviews of their products during our trip.
  • Tyler J, owner of Twenty6 Bike Products – for modifying the trailer fork to fit Brett’s 29er.
  • Open Air Bikes – for the great deal on Kelly’s bike and helping get all the components together.
  • Summit Bike and Ski – for helping build Brett’s Niner, general (and frequent) bike advice, and giving all our rigs a final tune-up.
  • BIlly C, owner of Poindexters – for shuttling Brett and all our gear up to Banff, AB.
  • Brian P. – for giving Kelly advice on her bike and help with maintenance/modifications.
  • Rhyan H. – for giving Jeff and Kelly a lift to the airport.
  • Jake C, co-founder of Sweet Onion Creations – for helping secure deals on gear.
  • Toberer and Adele – for taking care of Kelly’s dog Iza.
  • Jeff W, owner of Pinion Engineering – for his advice on how to modify the ExtraWheel trailer for use on Brett’s 29er.
  • Brooke – for all the packets of Gu to keep Kelly alive in the Arizona heat.
  • Dr. Spike – for being our emergency contact.
  • Jeanni, Jayna, Jenny, Adele, Nell, Karen and numerous others – for being there to train with and keeping Kelly sane while finishing her thesis.
  • Chad – for drafting and managing Jeff’s Fantasy Football keeper team.

Inspiration for the BikingTheDivide.com website came from Rob Weychert’s Rob Across America.