We’re bringing back the website “guestbook” of yester-decade so you can drop us a message while we’re away.  Just enter your name, email (so we can thank you later) and copy and paste your favorite letter of encouragement in the box below.

71 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Donna Says:

    Have a great trip. Enjoy the outdoors.

  2. Rich Hohne (the ricker) Says:


    I hope you have a great trip and I can’t wait to hear about your escapades in the “bath houses.” Travel safe and carry protection…a helmet that is.

    We heart you like a fat kid hearts cupcakes,

    Richard O. Hohne and Hilary M. Fetter

  3. Liddy Says:

    Enjoy yourselves and take care of each other. looking forward to reading all about your travels.

  4. Chad Silker Says:

    You guys are crazy…and I wish I could join you…if only you weren’t giving up most of the football season! But way to stick it to the real world! Can’t wait to follow you!

  5. McCabe Says:

    Looking forward to the updates. Have fun.

  6. Dina & Joe Says:

    Have an amazing trip!!! This is an awesome website can’t wait to read all about your adventures. Be safe!

  7. Bruce Says:

    Brett: Glad to hear the start of the trip has been successful and you are on your way to Mexico. Your website looks great. Looking forward to watching your progress as you travel down the Rockies.
    Love Mom & Dad

  8. Gina DiCello Says:

    Wow this is such an amazing thing you guys are doing! I will certainly be following your adventures. Best of luck 🙂

  9. Adele Says:

    Do you guys need a place to stay in Kalispell? My uncle lives there and I can get in touch with him if you want.

  10. Louis Oliver "Lou Bug" Fetter-Hohne Says:

    Yes, that is my actual name on my papers, thankyouverymuch.

    I first want to congratulate you on such a feat! I wish I had opposable thumbs so I could join you (if my mom would let me, that is…she can be a little uptight).

    Second, I wish your logo was clickable to bring me back to your homepage. No need to get right on it or anything.

    Third, your blog entries are a riot. Can’t wait for the rest.

    Lou Bug

  11. Kay Says:

    Safe travels to you three. What a fabulous trip…I’ll live vicariously for the next few months in a state of perpetual envy!!

  12. Jeanni Says:

    I’m so inspired . . . thanks for sharing and providing me with distractions during the day as I ‘watch’ your spot blinking away. It’s really fun to follow you guys, so keep blogging away.

    Also, I don’t know if you can or will get this in time, but e-mail me or post the (or a) location where you sent a package to your-self, if you can get me that far, I can figure out where to snail mail cookies.


  13. Caroline Crowley Says:

    This is great! Have an awesome time you guys. It looks like you’ve already run into some fun stuff.

    (And Brett this website is cool. Who did you hire to make it for you? hahaha!:))


  14. Adele's Mom Says:

    I am loving watching your progression. We just came back from a week in the Bob Marshall wilderness, which you will enter today, and the photos you have on this site are so evocative of that area. I think what you are doing is wonderful. Thanks for taking “us” along for the ride!

  15. Todd DeWoody Says:


    Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday, I think what you are doing is awesome. From Canadian Lager to Mexican Tequila, that is quite a lot of ground to ride. Please don’t get any speeding tickets they can get kinda pricey.

    Take care and best regards to all the other bikers with you.

    Todd DeWoody

  16. Liddy Says:

    enjoying the updates…i didn’t know ice cream and beer have all the nutrients you need to bike the divide. why didn’t you tell me?!?

  17. Adele Says:

    Seriously, where can we mail you stuff? Toberer has a special present he wants to send you.

  18. Adele Says:

    p.s. Iza has been humping her bed like crazy. Does that mean she misses you?

  19. Kristina Says:

    Who the Crunk is your Daddy???

  20. Kerry Suddes Says:

    Hi Brett & Co. – So cool what you are doing and I love that I can track you (it satisfies the stalker in me.) I’m sure this will be the trip of a lifetime and I am JEALOUS!!!

    Be safe and have a blast!

  21. Ginny Allen Says:

    Hi Brett,
    I’m an old friend of your parents and your mother sent me the information about your trip. What a wonderful adventure you and your friends have undertaken! The scenery is breathtaking and the trip itself promises to be most memorable. Enjoy yourself and have a happy birthday. I enjoyed reading your entries, and I will continue following along. I will also be sharing some of the highlights with my students as we study the Continental Divide in our fifth grade geography class.

  22. Mary Jo McElroy Says:

    Happy Birthday, Brett! What a great way to spend the day. Hope you are happy, safe, and healthy. Mary Jo (your Mom’s friend since you were an infant)

  23. Suzanne 'DeWoody Says:

    Hi Brett, Sounds (and looks) like you’re having a great time. As your mom, I find some comfort in being able to keep track of you – to some extent. Tomorrow’s your birthday – 29!!!! I can’t believe it, seems like it was yesterday. Have a great day. We love you and hope to see you sometime soon – after your trip. Stay safe.
    Love you lots,
    Mom & Dad

  24. Donna Says:

    Have a happy birthday Brett. What a great way to celebrate- three friends and three birthdays! We are enjoying your adventures. Great storytelling.

  25. Laurie and Trevor Says:


    We hope that you have a great birthday and that you’re having a great time on your trip! Enjoy your day!

    Laurie and Trevor

  26. Uncle Tom & Aunt Joretta Says:

    Brett: Have a wonderful birthday. What a wonderful memory of your 29th year. We are enjoying reading of your adventures. We wish you the best for the rest of your trip.

  27. Bill Adams Says:

    From all the Adams’ , Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great adventure. Enjoy the ride and be safe.

  28. Hilary Says:

    Are you guys coming through Bozeman or what? You know who to call.

  29. Lance Says:

    Coming through Bozeman? ERS team would like to see you. Also if you have a moment, call me on my cell – Thanks!

  30. Kelly's MOM Says:

    HI guys! I’m enjoying every minute of reading your updates, watching your progress, looking for the last GPS signal (especially the “Wittich OK” at the end of the day!), and the fabulous pictures! I have to admit, it looks SPECTACULAR! Stay safe and keep the updates coming….Love MOM

  31. Aunt Jackie (Kelly's aunt) Says:

    Hi Kelly and friends, this is one of the most inspiring adventures I have ever seen and I think you guys are awesome! The pictures are truly amazing and what the 3 of you are accomplishing is nothing short of miraculous! Keep up the great effort, stay safe and keep in touch. Kelly and Jeff, I am hoping that the 2 of you can make it to Grant and Michelle’s wedding. Love, Aunt Jackie

  32. Aunt Jackie (Kelly's aunt) Says:

    Hi Kelly & friends, I am so amazed at what the 3 of you are doing! This is the adventure of a lifetime and I am so proud of you all. The pictures are breathtaking and it’s so interesting to read about all you have seen and done. Please stay safe and have a GREAT time! It’s also so cool to track your progress. Kelly, I love you and I hope that you and Jeff can make it to Grant’s wedding. Love, Aunt Jackie

  33. Jackie McCree (Kelly's aunt) Says:

    Hi Kelly and friends, I am SO enjoying watching your progress and looking at the beautiful pictures. What an awe inspiring trip of a lifetime you are all taking! I am so proud of all of you. Please stay safe and have a wondeful time! Kelly, I hope you and Jeff can make it to Grant’s wedding. I love you.
    Aunt, Jackie

  34. Jenny Says:

    Jeff-you missed a great time in Houston…Cici’s catered Grandma’s 80th birthday dinner and Jonathan only threw up twice. Hope you guys are having fun…I like the beard!

  35. Suzanne DeWoody Says:

    Hi Brett, Jeff & Kelly,
    Glad to see you on the “spot” again. Seemed like you weren’t showing up for a day or two which made me wonder where you were. Were you able to see any of your friends as you passed near Bozeman?
    Love, Mom (Brett’s mom anyway…)

  36. Uncle Dave Says:

    Hey Kelly, first congratulation on your doctorate,and what a way to celebrate. We are enjoying the pictures and being able to keep track of your progress. Hope you are having a great time. Keep the updates coming.

  37. Jesse Mosolf Says:

    What about Crunk energy drink??!! You gots to get Crunked up out there!

  38. Liddy (friend?) Says:

    i can’t think of anything better than a beef jerky/cheese/cracker sandwhich right now, but i can tell you to STAY AWAY from the Crunked drink. even before Jesse put that comment, I thought that I needed to warn you. it’ll instantly make you see blurry. i’m pretty sure it’s what Nelly drinks when he’s rapping about his drug use.

  39. Sharon, Larry, Casey Says:

    We will be looking for you as we fly to Denver. Best of luck. Freinds from Boulder Lake Lodge.

  40. Nickolas David Says:

    What’s going on Jeff. I hope everything is going well in regards to your excursion. It’s September 12th and I’m getting ready for Hurricane Ike to hit the Texas coast. This hurricane is supposed to be BIG! Let me know the next time that you are in Houston so we can go get some lunch or something. Stay safe out there and congratulations on your accomplishments.

    Nickolas David

  41. Carolyn Says:

    Thanks for the updates on your adventure. We’ve loved reading about your progress on this monumental trip.

    As Jenny said, Jeff, we did miss you in Houston. I loved her description of the events there. Happy birthday in a few days!

  42. Jenny Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!

  43. Donna Says:

    Have a happy 28th birthday Jeff! It was good to talk to you last night. Enjoy the rest of your trip. It seems like the three of you have had a marvelous experience. Keep up the intersting details of your trip. Love, Mom and Dad

  44. Chris & Fred Rice Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!! We’ve certainly enjoyed reading about your adventure! Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Have a great birthday and Be Safe!!

  45. Grandma (Strohm) Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff. Hope you are enjoying yourself.

    Love, Grandma (Strohm)

  46. Jackie Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! This will be one birthday to remember. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe. Love Uncle Robbie and Aunt Jackie

  47. Grandma Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Love Grandma Strohm.

  48. George Evans Says:

    My daughter Lucy (from New Zealnd) gave me your blog details. She and her South African boyfriend (sorry fiancée) are biking just behind you now. They were ahead but took time out to get engaged at Jenny Lake. So watch out it may be infectious.
    Here’s how I got the news:
    I have some good news, Simon asked me to marry him this morning and I said yes. It was lovely, we were sitting beside Jenny lake with a view of the Teton mountain range in the background, it is very exciting and we are both so happy. It was lovely too as this old couple walked down the beach shortly afterwards and said good morning so I told them Si had just asked to marry me and they were so excited they showed us two photos they had with them, one 50 years ago of them on that same beach where they had got engaged and one 30 years later, they were on their 50th anniversary and looking for the same rocks that the past two photos had been taken on. I asked if it had been a happy marriage and she said with tears in her eyes that it was a lucky place to get proposed to.

  49. Mike Says:

    Good adventure.
    We miss you at Elk River Systems Brett.
    Follow your bliss.
    — Mike

  50. Aunt Jackie Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you get some sort of birthday cake. I have been following you, Jeff and Brett religiously and I am continuously amazed and so proud. Have fun, stay safe and I love you! Again, have a great birthday and rest of the trip. Love, Aunt Jackie

  51. Kelly's Mom and "Gobka" Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Hope you are enjoying your birthday.
    Were able to go out for a “birthday dinner” last night.
    ENJOY TODAY’S RIDE…. Wish Jeff a belated Happy Birthday

  52. "Gobka" Says:

    I forgot to let Gobka write her message in the last e-mail…
    Gobka say she hopes you have a great birthday and a good year. Lots of Love and stay well. She also hopes you and Jeff are able to come to Grant and Michelle’s wedding since she would love to see you. .. and thanks for the post card
    Gobka (she typed her own name …. pretty good)

  53. Beth Silker Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kelly! I hope it’s a great one!
    Your trip sounds amazing, and we’re enjoying the updates. Have fun guys!

  54. Donna Says:

    Happy Birthday Kelly. Have a great day. Enjoy the last two weeks of your adventure.

    Donna and Scott

  55. Kristina Says:

    Happy Birthday Kelly!!! I’ll buy you a drink and a lovely dinner (not crunk and beef sticks, I know you’re addicted but what about your health??) when you are in SB.

    I see you guys are headed toward Espanola. Cuidado, it’s a little rough around the edges!

  56. Logan Says:

    Brett, Enjoying the posts – safe travels,

  57. Dina Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!! A few days late as usual. Can’t wait to see you!

  58. George Evans Says:

    I see you high tailing it to the border and should get there tonight or at least Thursday. Well done!

  59. Scott Wittich Says:

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been following your progress to the border and see that you made it. Now I hope you get back across! Hope to hear from you soon.


  60. Kristina Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! I think you just got to Antelope Wells, like 15 minutes ago according to the Spot device. Great job, and thanks for 2 months of blogging, pictures, stories, etc. I can’t wait to hear about it in person 🙂

  61. Bruce Says:

    Congratulations on making it to the border. Just hope that the Department of Immigration doesn’t pick you guys up on the return because you sure look like illegals. I’ve enjoyed tracking your progress and watching where you stop each night. That “Spot” almost tracks you to the room you’re in or the sage brush you’re sleeping next to. Have a safe journey back home.
    Brett’s Dad.

  62. Ashley Elia Says:

    Congratulations! I can’t believe 2 months has already gone by. You three should be truly proud of yourselves!

  63. George Evans Says:

    I just got news from Lucy. They are in Deming taking the direct route to El Paso. She mentioned that they caught up with you again in Pie Town. I got a bollocking for putting her email on your blog but I don’t feel all that repentant. I am sure you enjoyed it.

  64. Donna Says:

    Congratulations. Glad to see you made it home on time. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

    Donna and Scott Wittich

  65. Aunt Jackie (Kelly's aunt) Says:

    Dear Kelly and friends, I just checked on the GPS. WOW!!! You are all amazing. Reid and Grant say Hi and are also awestruck by what you 3 have accomplished! I’m not quite sure how much longer you’ll be but continue to stay safe and have a great time! Man are you all going to be in GREAT shape! We really hope you can make it to the wedding but understand if you can’t. Kelly, I don’t remember if I told you how proud I am of all of your accomplishments, especially your PhD!!! I love you. Aunt Jackie

  66. Tyler Says:


    Would you recommend the Western Mountaineering Alpinelight 20° bag?
    I’m riding the divide this summer and was thinking about grabbing that bag for the trip. Any info on it would be appreciated!

  67. Savannah Spillers Says:

    Hey guys! I just stumbled upon this blog through the ND Young Alumni website. It sounds like you had an amazing trip! Being from Colorado, I was drawn to this story. I was glad to see that my home area was featured, but would like to make one correction. On day 49, as you entered Del Norte, you were entering the San Luis Valley, not the Rio Grande Valley. I currently live in the Rio Grande Valley, TX, and know how easy it is to get confused! I just wanted to make sure that my hometown gets the correct credit it deserves! Great blog!

  68. Sam Says:

    So glad I came across your site, I have been considering doing some cycle touring and building up to a transamerica ride. The Great Divide looks to be quite epic and I intend to read every days notes for inspiration.

    I think I found your site was when I was looking for reviews on the extrawheel bike trailer. I see that you guys used at least one for your trip. I am curious to hear your feelings on the trailer. How did it perform? Would you use it again if you did the ride again? Would you consider using a rack and panniers only (no trailer)? Also where did you buy yours and sorry to pry, but how much did you pay? It seems to be expensive for what it is, I can only think that is true because of the shipping from europe. Any thoughts on where I could get a used one? I have scoured the net but can only find them at the extrawheel web site and the extrawheel US affliate.

    I have tons of other questions as well, like how did you manage to record your gps position so well and how did you keep your electronic equipment charged and water proof. And this website, seems professional designed. Is this your personal creation or did you hire a site developer.

    Sorry for all the questions, mostly I am inspired by your trip.


  69. Luke Wolfgang Says:

    Great work guys. I will be departing this august for a solo ride myself. Your blog has provided a great deal of beta for me. Thank you guys for that! I noticed that Brett used an extrawheel trailer and needed to modify it. I am asumming that the mod was to fit larger 29er tires? If so, what was the modification? I am running into that problem myself. Any advice would be helpful.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  70. Joseph Says:

    Thanks for a great blog. I enjoyed your observations and humor. Thanks for being thorough too. I learned much from your gear list.

  71. Damien Says:

    Hi fellow cyclists.
    My friend Fabian Rol, whom you know I suspect, gave me your url.

    I’m French (nobody’s perfect), my name is Damien. I’ve read with great interest your website about the Great Divide ride you’ve performed – my congratulations to you for your great achievement! – but I’d like to beg for a more detailed information if you don’t mind.
    Let me introduce myself quickly.
    My partner Delphine and I have cycled around the world for 2.5 years on a tandem bike weighing about 100 kilos.
    We then gave birth – errr she actually did – to our daughter Lirio.
    Last year, when Lirio was 9 month old, we set out on a trip, through Denmark then through and across Iceland, which lasted about 3 month.
    Our baby did survive. Ah ah.
    The tandem was still 100 kilos, we’re fully autonomous and just love it. Lirio is a big fan of bike trips. We just did one week across a French Mountain Range called Les Bauges recently and she loves it.
    I make films and write books about our trips for a living: //
    In Iceland (as well as around the world, in Bolivia, NZ, Tibet, Laos…), we had our share of rough tracks, that’s no worries.
    I’ve seen you’ve cycled the Great Divide and I’ve been contemplating riding it with my little adventurous family some day. Soon (hopefully).
    My question is as follows:
    >>> what is the percentage of the Great Divide track that is composed of single trails or highly technical tracks (I mean, tracks one would enjoy doing some conventional mountain-biking with no load but not so much pushing a 3 meters long and 100 kilos heavy bike…), as opposed to large, even if rough, tracks on which 4 wheel drive can go
    Because you see, our trailer has got 2 wheels now. We use to cycle with a good old Bob Yak, but when our daughter joined the team we had to upgrade the trailer 🙂
    The only thing that might stop us from riding the Great Divide is if there are too many long sections of narrow single trail onto which it would prove impossible or a real pain in the butt to ride the heavy tandem and tow our 2 wheel trailer. We’ve had our share of very hard tracks and we can manage but life’s short and bike traveling is about fun isn’t it?
    If I may add other questions:
    >>> what is the longest distance you’ve had to cover between 2 spots where to find water (including rivers, springs, lakes…) or food supply (rating from supermarkets or grocery stores to a lost household where to ask for bread or bargain a couple vegetables 😉
    >>> does this happen very often? I mean to have long rides between 2 opportunities to stock up food and/or water ( can can manage to carry a week of food supply and 2-3 days of water supply depending on weather and temperature)

    D’you have any information you might be willing to share with a couple of French cyclists?
    If you wanna see footage from Central Iceland and its lovely tracks… that’s there:

    Thanks for your attention and answers, all the best 🙂